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-- players are the same. mitt romney is trying to nudge his opponents toward the sidelines but so far they are not budging. >> reporter: he didn't win a knockout punch tuesday, but mitt romney's dell great lead is growing -- delegate lead is growing. upon here's the breakdown. romney way ahead with 38%, santorum 27%, gingrich and ron paul well behind. if romney was hoping his opponents would call it a day, it didn't happen. a santorum ally urged newt gingrich to abandon the race. the former house speaker said he'd only consider that if he thought santorum was sure to beat romney and then president obama. >> we win both alabama and mississippi next tuesday night, in is a whole new race for i think the ninth time. >> reporter: romney went only six of the ten contest, but the delegate mas is in his favor. increasing the president odds of winning in november. tell that to rick santorum. >> we've proven we can win out west, the upper midwest, the heart land, the south. >> reporter: in the overall race for delegates, romney is way ahead. he is leading with 419 delegates. nobody else even
't want their name in public information published. >>justine: decision 2012 mit romney is the front runner in ohio. all are trying to gather enough delegates to be selected to go up against president barak obama in november we have the latest on the super tuesday results. >>reporter: it didn't have the most delegates but ohio was the biggest prize. no republican has ever won the white house without it. tuesday's primary became a drawn-out challenge between mit romney and rick santorum. in the end it gave no ronnie's president to get a major win albeit a narrow one. he hooked to virginia, vt., and massachusetts early in the night this is that there is still a long way to go. >> the good days and bad days always long hours and never enough time to get a thing done but on november 6th we will stand united. not only having won an election of having saved the future. >>reporter: centaurs, picked up wins as well. >> we will win a few and lose a few good as it looks right now we will get at least a couple of gold medals and a full tassel of silver medals. >>reporter: new gingrich snacked
the commander in chief? and what rick santorum said about mitt romney. a hundred game racks up big dollars at the box office. one of the biggest opening weekend of all time. >>brian: the rain is out of year from now. we have a storm on the way for tuesday. i will let you know when the rain is going to get here. i will let you know when the rain [ male announcer ]re. technology accelerates at a relentless pace. anything not moving forward is moving backward. [ tires screech ] [ engine turns over, tires squeal ] introducing the 2013 gs. with the lexus enform app suite, the most connected information and communication technology available in an automobile. [ tires screeching ] the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. >>vicki: the president is issuing a warning to north korea, he spoke during a visit to south korea. he and 50 other world leaders are at a nuclear security summit. there are suspicions that the satellite launched for north korea it is in an attempt for nuclear weapons. >>president obama: north korea and nose its obligations and must take irreversible steps to meet those
this evening. we also have the latest forecasts details on our web site, >> mitt romney is off to a good start. he is the projected winner in a vermont. keep in mind, all precincts have not reported the numbers. new gingrich has said if he does not lend georgette he will be out of their race. jordan goes to newt gingrich. we will keep you updated throughout the hour at 6:00 p.m. and again at 8:00 p.m.. >>pam: is the second day of the visit with israeli president shimon peres. he took a visit to facebook today. big losses on wall street today. the dow fell more than two to three points closing at 12,759. the nasdaq slipped 40 points to 2910. this is the market's biggest downturn in three months. >> we will have periods of relative normalcy into the markets will adjust. nothing that happened last week has team to the u.s. economy. >>pam: of we are still ahead in terms of the market. >> the dow is up in the s&p is up. when we keep that in perspective, it is good, but with a big drop like this, of course you have the issue with our on, oil prices and gas. >>pam: union square in san
in and they are paying off. those votes are coming in at the margins are bigger. >>pam: romney and santorum at one point each had 37 percent of the vote. the bulls for is about 5000 or so voters. >> this race is about math and momentum. he is doing well and will get a majority of the delegates and but the momentum is not where he wants to be. santorum to ignore dakota, that was a bit of a surprise. >>pam: even of said card does not win ohio, he has a lot of momentum coming out. he won oklahoma and tennessee as well as north dakota. thus >> by the way tonight and, i'm predicting alaska will go to idaho. at the idaho is a slam-dunk for romney. with supertax the funding as opponents, it is going to be a long, slow grind. >>pam: d.c. near the bridge or ron pollack jumping out? >>pam: if you think you have had enough of the republican victory in this campaign, you are not alone. >> it has been i think the worst campaign i have ever seen. >>pam: former first lady barbara bush says that the republican mudslinging is hurting the party. take a look at this new poll. only 35 percent of american voters have a posi
yesterday's super tuesday. mitt romney game victories in six of 10 states. his final when last i was in alaska. rooney also run a battleground state and all- half ended narrowly defeated santorum. half santorum to victories in tennessee, oklahoma and north dakota. and gingrich said a win in his home state of georgia. the race is not over yet. >> today we have taken one more step towards it was formed, as of tomorrow. tomorrow, will leave that in the garlic and. >> we are ready to win across this country! >> there are a lot of money rabbits running through, i and the tortoise, i take one step at a time. >>mark: so far mitt romney has forwarded 15 votes towards winning the nomination. >>justine: mitt romney has given some of interviews this morning and has said he is feeling good about his showing yesterday. the also said that he has the time, the resources and the plan to take it all the way to the republican presidential nomination. >>darya: apple is getting ready to unveil the next ipad. the event is set to start at 10:00 p.m. at the year of one a center for the arts in san fran
of the candidates. reporter >> mitt romney has momentum. he is fresh off of victories in arizona and michigan and in washington state on saturday. romney is hoping to break away from his rivals tonight. he has racked up endorsements from high- profile conservatives including house majority leader erick kanter. >> mitt romney is really the only man in the race who has a plan, a bold pro- growth plan to create jobs and get the economy back on track. >> santorum has not had a win in nearly a month and believes he has a fighting chance in ohio. >> the establishment that run the and santorum are statistically tied and the state. the >>darya: it is 6 of 2:00 a.m., it is windy, cold and wet. and that it is. here is the breakdown. we have wet roads on the golden gate bridge. mostly sunny and windy. a when it buys will be in effect from noon through midnight. expect the afternoon to be really dusty. clear and gusty as well. here is a quick shot of storm tracker 4. we are dry and mild in terms of temperatures. we will talk more about the wind coming up into the extended forecast as well as a full ch
. it came down to the wire, but mitt romney is the projected winner in ohio. the latest win for romney on this super tuesday. rick santorum and newt gingrich also posted wins today, all trying to gather enough delegates to go up against president obama. >> reporter: it didn't have the most delegates of the ten super tuesday states but ohio was the biggest prize. no republican has ever won the white house without it, and tuesday's primary became a drawn-out challenge between mitt romney and rig santorum. in the end -- rick santorum. in the end, it gave romney's presidential bid a major win. romney put virginia, vermont, idaho, and massachusetts in his victory column earlier in the nights but said there's still a long way to go. >> always long hours, never enough time to get everything done. but on november 6th, we're going to stand united, not only having won an election but having saved a future. >> reporter: santorum picks up wins in oklahoma, tennessee, and north dakota. >> we're going to win a few, lose a few, but as it looks right now, we're going to get at least a couple of cold
. >>darya: santorum and mitt romney are looking to make the most of a mixed super tuesday. from the game victories in six out of 10 super tuesday states. romney had his final victory in alaska. ron paul finish without a single victory. romney also one of the battleground state of ohio. he also won in massachusetts, vermont, virginia and idaho. >> tonight we have taken one more step to restoring the promise of tomorrow. tomorrow, we will wake up and start again. >> we won in the west, the midwest, the south and we're ready to went across the country. >>mark: a shooting in sunnyvale as police are scrambling to find out the motive. >> police are trying to find the cause of the shooting at this house on tuesday night leading to people dead. there tried to figure out if this is a double murder or a murder/suicide. patrol units arrived here just before 8:00 p.m. and found the bodies inside. >>mark: california will have the cost -- will have to cough up more than $7 billion a year for the high- speed rail trade. the new projections that the principle and the interest at nearly 10 billion in
candidates will divide their 400 plus delegates. >>reporter: mit romney has the momentum. wheat is neck- and-neck with rick santorum and ohio. pushers stores and more cost assumed but this race and 131 more loss on to someone who can tap to the imagination of the american command. >>reporter: 2 are all so close in tennessee among the other two candidates, new been granted exit to win in georgia and ron pollack that outside chance of winning north dakota and alaska. r >>justine: 71 the number of large delegates are up for grabs today commute with one that can damage is not do as well as fruit and did his time pain could be in trouble with. i fog will be covering this we leave you on the kron4 morning material removed new >>james: review this in one incredible rocket and bomb if talking mortgage relief. he is aiming three is to teach at a court, to correct those in the military as well as those with homeowners. he is scheduled to speak at 1015 alley am pacific time. >>justine: more detainees have been in a loose talk. for national intelligence shows about one in four detainee's transfer to oth
to its current name. >>vicki: another victory for mitt romney. >> the president said he would cut the deficit in half. it is a double. he has 24 million americans out of work today. the median income has dropped. >>vicki: romney has more than 200 delegates now. the second days santorum with 92. it takes a 144 to win the nomination. the >>vicki: rush limbaugh apologize for comments he made about a georgetown university student, calling her a prostitute. >> temperatures in the '60s and oceans beat. ocean beach was briefly in the '70s this afternoon. sunny skies and degree of visibility. right now outside, a look at clear conditions of the city of san francisco. third sunday is another great day on the way. we have another storm coming our way for monday. a slight chance for a light rain monday night. meantime, sunny and warm for tomorrow. we will see clouds increasing monday night. nice temperatures in the east shore. los 70's, running about 10 degrees above average. another nice day at the beaches. sunshine and highs in the '70s for the north bay. so tuesday, mostly sunny but it do
presidential candidate mitt romney is the defending his conservative credentials after picking up an endorsement from florida former gov. jim bush. he is urging santorum to drop out of the race for the nomination. romney's commitment to conservatives is being questioned after remarks by one of his top aides. his senior adviser was asked if romney was forced to adopt a conservative position in the race and if that would hurt his standing with moderates. the response was, it is almost like an ant to sketch, you can shake it up and restore. romney's opponents wasted no time in using against him. first >>darya: here is what governor romney had to say. for >> the issues i am running on will be exactly the same. i am running as a conservative republican. first the policies and positions are the same. >>darya: romney is on pace to wrap up the nomination by june. he has five under 63 delegates right now. 300 more than santorum. to win the nomination outright in the 1100 otherwise the nominee is chosen at the national convention. fifth >>james: let's find out what is in store with weather
runner mitt romney is now. >>> s plus president obama microphone gaffe. sweetheart. we need to talk. i've seen your stunts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005. wait, what? and only 3 likes? honey, it's embarrassing. carol's son got over 12 million views on that dancing squirrel video. don't you want that? i...i suppose. now go make your dad and me proud. tryomething funny. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one year term. at&t. >> there have been rallies all across the country and in the bay area for trayvon martin. he is the unarmed teenager. he was killed last month by a neighborhood guard, a volunteer. he was unarmed. there is new information becoming public today it is suggesting that trayvon martin might have been the initial aggressor. the teenager was shot to death by george zimmerman. who has claimed he fired in self-defense. >> it's been 1 month since his death, this huge rally in sanford, florida a show of support for trayvon martin. he shot martin in self-defense. poli
and gone. the players are sustained. no one has dropped out. mitt romney is trying to nudge his opponents to the sidelines, so far they are not budging. he did not win a knockout punch but his delegate lead is growing. he even took a loss of city off to get some rest. here is the breakdown on super tuesday votes. romney is way ahead with 30%, santorum has 27% within regeneron hall wall behind. if romney was hoping any of his opponents to call it a day, that did not happen. a santorum allies urge a new gingrich to abandon the race. he said he would only consider that if he thought santorum was short to the romney and then obama. in other words, he is not going anywhere >> if we win alabama and mississippi, this will be a whole new race for the ninth time. staff >> we have to weaken went out west and the heartland and the south. >>catherine: the overall race for delegates, romney is leading with 419. no one else is close to that. one ohio democrat has lost his seat in congress. this was his concession see last night. >>pam: some lawmakers in washington are trying to help struggling homeowne
he was in illinois and says he worries about the republican party if mitt romney wins the nomination. >> when i looked at the field and looked at to the favor was, the one that was blessed by the establishment moderate republicans, it became very clear to me that we were going to make a very serious mistake. he is uniquely disqualified to make the case against obama care. >>mark: the romney campaign is picking up a key endorsement from marco rubio, the senator from florida. he says it is increasingly clear there romney will be, the republican nominee and it is time for the republican party to come together. a new poll shows that the president holds a double- edged lead over romney and santorum. a new poll says that if an election were held today that obama would get 54 percent of registered voters, 43 percent for romney and in santorum and obama, obama would have a 55 compared to 42% for santorum. >>darya: let's get a look at weather and traffic this thursday morning. things are looking quite nice. >>erica: we are waking up to mild conditions around the bay area are it clear conditio
romney is going home with the majority of them. republican voters took to the polls. once again they proved they're still not quite ready to unite behind one single gop presidential candidate. >> reporter: another must-win content for mitt romney. he claims victory in illinois. >> elections are about choices, and today hundreds of thousands of people in illinois have joined millions of people across the country to join our cause. >> reporter: romney is not leaving illinois with the entire pie. he'll have to share with the competition. santorum will take a slice. he finished second. the former senator opted to spend primary day in pennsylvania. >> we're going to win down state, central illinois, western illinois. we won the areas that reservetives and republicans populate. and we're happy about that. >> reporter: also absent from illinois, newt gingrich. he's focusing his attention in the conservative south where he's done best. he is channelling all his campaign resources into saturday's primary in louisiana, and taking on his toughest competition there. santorum. >> me lost p
deserves a lifetime. >>mark: following his big victory in the illinois primary, romney says he is almost there in his pursuit of the republican presidential nomination. he was the clear favorite among illinois republicans. in his victory speech the front runner urged republicans to fall in line behind his bid and attacked the president. >> the president is trying to erase his record with some new rhetoric. the other day he said, we are inventors and builders. we are makers of things. romney's campaign is that hundreds of thousands more than rick santorum in illinois. results showed romney received 47 percent of the vote compared to 35 for santorum. santorum said there is not much difference between running in president obama. >> there is one candidate in the race to can go out and make that contrasts against the current occupant of the white house. someone who has a track record of being for you and being for limited government, being for solutions that empower people. coughlin doffs talk >>james: no rain until later this evening. temperatures are still all mild side. santa rosa is still
, mitt romney has a big lead over rick santorum. a romney is leading 54%-20%. from its supporters are hoping for a victory celebration. newt gingrich in ron paul are both really. care >>catherine: police are spreading out in france looking for a if someone who killed four people at a school. it is believe the same person is responsible for two other shootings. new details on the attacks are emerging. authorities say the suspect's that the man had a camera strapped to his trust, recording the murders. killing two french paratroopers. there were seven victims that were shot at such close range and gun fire burned the scanned. president nicolas sarkozy joined students and parents telling them the children who died were just like family, he later joined them in a minute of silence. french citizens are adjusting to reinforce security measures. police are looking for export gunman who may have a neo-nazi times or a grudge against minorities. the paratroopers were north african or caribbean in origin. the victims at the school were told french-israeli citizens. the terror of war in south
down and allow mitt romney become the nominee for the party. a romney supporter called the other candidates disgraceful greased seth trump says it is time the gop to unite around romney in order to focus. the gop candidates were in the deep south today because alabama and mississippi voters are set to cast their ballots tomorrow. romney said the morning in mobile, alabama. he was joined by ejects fox -- he was joined by jeff fox ready. romney has accused president obama of mismanaging medicare. romney plans to overhaul medicare. santorum spoke at the gulf coast energy summit in biloxi. he was there with his wife's theory 37 delegates are up for grabs in mississippi. in an interview santorum says the race is about to enter a phase in which he will face fewer disadvantages. newt gingrich was also in biloxi, mississippi addressing the gulf coast energy's seventh. he blasted the president's energy policy. the former house speaker has said that he would get gas prices down to $2.50 a gallon if he got elected. >> big changes coming to the forecast, you can see clouds are moving into th
in the results. romney got 47 percent of the vote compared to santorum having 35 percent. >> i am for solutions that our people. on one of the biggest issues of the day whether it is obama care or romney care, they are interchangeable. >>darya: the 54 delegates grabs will be divided proportionally. newt gingrich and ron paul r. fall behind romney and santorum. each receiving less than 10 percent of the revolt. romney is leading with five other 63 out of the 1144 needed to win the nomination outright. santorum has to another 63 followed by newt gingrich with 135 and ron pollack just 15. >>mark: a united flight from san francisco to shanghai made today de tore in anchorage alaska. it left sfo at 2:00 p.m. on sunday, two hours into the flight the bathrooms broke down and the plane was diverted to alaska. united said another plane on monday afternoon, but that aircraft also have problems in. if passengers finally took off yesterday afternoon on the third boeing 777. united will be fully refunded tickets into the airline is speaking with passengers about additional compensation. six months after thi
: decision 2012. after the victory in pr. mitt romney is expected in another victory in illinois. >> santorum i do not care what the unemployment is. my candidacy does not hinge on unemployment. >> i do care! i want to get people back to work. >>mark: a retort. >> santorum: as far as my political campaign of course i care. but i am saying that my candidacy does not hinge on the employment free up or down it is something that transcends. is about freedom. it is not about governor romney romney is going to " fix " the economy. we believe that we can create an atmosphere for the economy to fix itself. >>mark: 44% will to vote for romney. a 36% for santorum. >>darya: let us take a live look at milipitas. this is the 237 westbound. car pool lane changes. we will have a live report on that. >>mark: welcome back watching milipitas the 28. 237 -- these r pool lanes providing a new configuration. >>jackie: this new configuration is providing a challenge for the car pool lanes. as you can see george will touch on this a bit with traffic starting to back back up with this accident. as i passed through i
romney was in p there are called delicate stat 12-delegate votesr grabs. >> my position is that i can help with pr becoming a state. >>vicki: mitt romney showing a slight lead in stay with us for that. >> the san jose sharks are tied for the eight plays tonight the took the detroit red wings winning 3-2. the sharks have 11 more games. against other teams. >>stanley: you have seen drivers going side was but leave it to me showing you the actual video. now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >>stanley: when it rains some drivers put their driving skills right out the window. and just in case you missed it. it is again in slow motion the driver lost control. near hillsdale. >>stanley: you came out fast. >> it was wet. >> you were sideways. >> yes are try to correct it. >> this taxicab took out this light pole. for some reason. people think that they can speed up. this car was going 80 mph on the san mateo bridge. when the officer tried to pull it over, everything she learned was forgotten. >> get back on the lanes. >> get back on the lane, drive. >>stanley: it i
his speech and he also took the time to attack his republican rival, mitt romney. >> you saw in the supreme court debating these last few days oh obama care. and the general of this country referring to another program that was passed. that was the model for obama care. they actually mention it in the legal arguments debated before the supreme court on tuesday. and that other program of course was romney care. but that was the template for oh obama care. the mandates, all of the government prescription, something that ronald reagan would never approve of. he is the one who changed the platform of the republican par party. he stood for life. he stood for the integrity of the family. he understood the importance of family in our country. and i have been a leader on that front too. standing up. as the people of california did for traditional marriage with prop 8. [applause]. >> reporter: santorum's speech was followed by a fundraiser. he is expected to attend a private fundraiser later this evening. jeff bush, kron 4 news. >>> a key endorsement for mitt romney made official to
, republican candidate mitt romney is in the bay area. california could be key to romney's victory. kate thompson has details. >> mitt romney didn't exactly get a warm welcome outside this hotel in redwood city. a number of organizations out here protesting his fundraising drive through the area. he had a is at a -- he is at a 1,000 winner tonight. they are taking an issue on many things. >> he's already come out and said first thing i'm doing is getting rid of access to health care and going to degrade construction workers. >> corporate greed. the fact that he flip-flops, is not for the people, that he doesn't worry about the poor. >> security also very heavy out here this evening. hotel guests are being told to use the back entrance as the protestors continue to walk back and forth in front of the hotel blocking many cars from entering. there's a number of motorcycles, police an at -- outside the hotel. >>> fellow gop hopeful rick santorum making head lines for confronting a new york times reporter yesterday. he made some remarks and then the issue was whether he meant that romney was
sweeping the deep south winning both primaries and mitt romney finishing third behind house speaker newt gingrich. they put santorum usually behind mitt romney and gingrich in the two states. >> i look around and the crowds we had in alabama and mississippi. i have to tell you, i was so encouraged. all the polls are showing us trailing and they kept coming out and they say we believe in you and we will work hard and make the difference. >> now, romney did come back to win hawaii and the delegates in the american somoa. >> annuity gingrich who banked on winning. he is now vowing to stay in the race and they show romney, who is a moderate can be derailed. >> the conservative candidates got 70% of the vote. if you are the frontrunner, if you are the frontrunner and you keep coming in third. you are not much of a frontrunner. >> look at the delegate count now. >> 494. and mitt romney has 494. they are counting on him not getting enough delegates to win the nomination out right. if that's the case it will go to tampa to the republican meeting in the summer. at that point then the delegates wi
to the al jazeera's paris office. >>> now we focus on 2012, republican presidential hopeful mitt romney is in the bay area. here is the video from yesterday. protestors were outside a fundraiser in redwood city where the fundraiser was. they are upset with romney because they claim he represents the wealthy and not the working class. fellow gop hopeful rick santorum is making headlines for this angry, testy confrontation with a new york times reporter. it happened over the weekend where santorum. where he is campaigning in wisconsin in the video and where this happened. but it is at an event where the reporter asked him about a comment. he called romney the worse republican in the country to run for president especially when it comes to healthcare. well santorum refused to answer any questions about the comment when he was repeatedly asked by the reporter. however, in a second interview, he said he would consider serving as romney's running mate. >> i have been saying it at every speech. quit distorting our word. if i see it, it is bleep. >> come on, man, what are you doing. >> santorum
sulcus his curiouser fee once again questioned the conservatism of mitt romney. >> every pro-life fight, was leading the charge. cut governor romney was contributing money out of his own checkbook of planned parenthood while i was fighting of those fights. i ran consistently as a strong pro-choice candidate. >>darya: mitt romney was in texas while he picked up an important endorsement. george bush announced he and his wife supports the former massachusetts governor. >> barbara and i are proud to fully and enthusiastically endorse and support mitt romney. >> i look forward to being successful and honoring that endorsement by winning. with your endorsement, i will get a boost in those contests and here in texas, i am told they know you guys pretty well. >> we have been here a long time. more republican delegates in all of its competitors combined. he is nearly half way to the number of delegates needed to win the nomination outright. >>mark: this afternoon michelle obama will be at a fund-raiser at the academy of sciences. tomorrow she will be at the coast guard islands in alameda. exp
] complimentary drinks. free breakfast. more room. embassy suites. get more. >>vicki: mitt romney clinched today's primary in three go. the u.s. territory had 20 delegates up for grabs in at raleigh to call all of them. one political topic in getting a lot of attention is rising gas prices. dribbler reports the-run average is $3.84 a gallon. >> drivers in california, hawaii into your are really feeling the pain at the pub, prices are already at 4 $4 a gallon or more. >>president obama: there's no quick fix when it comes to gas prices. >> gas prices dominated the president's weekly address. >>president obama: if anyone tells you to have a plan for $2 gas, they're not looking for is listen, they're only looking for your vote. >> this president is an economic light weight and has made decisions that have for the american people. it is time to fit in face the economic heavyweight that i am, i will get the job done. when half vacant of death death fatback bit of care of care at her all loans noon winds and in a call them on monday marks the first day of spring. take a look air rainfall totals. with r
to make a very serious mistake. he is uniquely disqualified to make the case against obama. >> mitt romney has picked up another key endorsement from marco rubio says it is increasingly clear that romney will become the republican nominee and it is time for the other gop contenders to step down. he is a first-time setup for tea party favor whose name has been floated as a possible vice presidential nominee. he says he is not adjusted. a new poll shows the president holding a double- digit lead over both mitt romney and santorum in a hypothetical general election match up. according to a poll if the election was held today the president would get 54 percent of the vote ranis 43% matched against santorum, obama would receive 55 percent of the vote. >>darya: we want to get a look at the weather. the sun is up. it is a little degree but we will see more sunshine. >>erica: you would not know it judging by some of our camera shots. we do have great conditions overlooking the golden gate. most locations in the '40's and '50's. we have fog in the north bay along the coastline. we have recently los
. republican presidential candidate mitt romney made a stop in the bay area last night. california could actually play a key role to a romney victory to win the republican nomination. kate thompson has details from the redwood appearance. >> reporter: he did not get exactly a warm welcome. a number of different bay area organizations out here protesting his fundraising drive through the area over the next two days. he is at a 1,000 to $25,000 a plate dinner tonight in redwood city. the organization is taking issue with his stance on many things, including labor and immigration. >> he said the first thing i'm doing is getting rid of access to health care and i'm going to degrade the wages of construction workers. that doesn't work for me. >> his corporate greed, the fact that he flip-flops, the fact he doesn't worry about the poor. >> security is also very heavy out here this evening. hotel guests are being told to use the back entrance as the protesters begin to walk back and forth, blocking many cars from entering. there's at least a dozen police outside the hotel. reporting in redwood
to stay in a row. >> mitt romney is the only man in the race that has a plan to get the economy back on track. >> rick santorum has not had a victory in nearly a month but believes he has a fighting chance in one of tonight's most important contests. ohio. >> romney and santorum are statistically tied in the state which will most likely be an important battleground in november. the south will also be a major test for romney tonight. gingrich is expected to show a win in his home state of georgia. >> of virginia is one of the 10 super tuesday states. santorum and gingrich will not appear on the balance there as they did not collect enough signatures. >>mark: in east oakland, four people including two children are hurt with what started as a shooting and ended in a crash at eighty seventh and bancroft avenues. the driver of a bentley was shot while driving. that caused the bentley to crashed head-on into another vehicle. there were two children in that vehicle. so we have a video to show you from the crash scene. the children were taken to children's hospital in oakland. please do n
contests have gone to mitt romney. he is going into super tuesday with momentum on this side. >> if i win georgia, i think i will when alabama and mississippi had a good opportunity to win in kansas. >>pam: mitt romney will go into the washington congress with somewhat of an endorsement. he was selected as the default choice for republican voters. the paper also said that romney is his own biggest impediment. >>jaqueline: the extent of warming along the coast line depends on the wind. >>jaqueline: here is a look at temperatures for tomorrow morning. a chilly morning on tap, clear skies with to brokers in the '30's and a few places. upper 60s and low seventies for the north bay. hot >>jaqueline: warm here, warm there, it will be warm everywhere in the area for the weekend. next week, will the conditions on tap. a few systems will become a close to the bay area. when on tuesday night will cool things down and bring a slight chance of rain. >>pam: westbound on the bay bridge, remarkably light traffic carried no problems there. on the top of your screen, traffic is barely moving. southbound 1
in alabama and mississippi. mitt romney still struggling on the gop conservative about. . >> how many times have you heard me say this? we need a clear choice. you should do some reporting instead of just of what romani is feeding you. i have said repeatedly, we cannot have a choice between twiddle dumb and tweedle dee. >>isabel: the latest survey put his bricks santorum in the lead in louisiana. mitt romney is still the majority of the gop majority. the latest survey shows santorum in the lead for louisiana. ronnie and louisiana of the former massachusetts governor has been the targets governor that was in favor of mandatory insurance purchasing of citizens. >> crazy weather to the midwest will be back. >> what weather continues will be back bay area ! here's big news from verizon wireless and xfinity from comcast. now get the xfinity triple play and verizon wireless together. call 855-704-7400 to sign up and get a free smartphone. choose one of our hottest phones. verizon wireless and xfinity. tv, home phone, internet and wireless together. >>isabel: talk about extreme weather this tornad
presidential candidates to get behind mitt romney. among ma'am jeb bush. he urged his party to bring a divisive primary to enclose and get behind the presidency for mitt romney. third >> i've picked up the phone and it was jeb bush. he said mitch, i am addressing you today. >>catherine: it happened one day after the illinois primary. santorum did not sound like a defeated contended today. romney is becoming increasingly angry. >> he will fundamentally change its position in and do what it takes to win the fundamental election. >>catherine: mitt romney did not seem too disturbed by all the fuss today. in the meantime, new gingrich could be having some serious financial trouble. is this campaign has 1.5 allele and cash on hand scott 1 1/6 billion in debt. the present there is some traveling today. christ how >>president obama: title was not playing fair when it came to solar power. we leveled the playing field. american workers and businesses will always win. >>catherine: the shooting death of an unarmed teenager in florida, this was an earlier march. protesters lawn a neighborhood watch voluntee
focus is on the illinois primary on tuesday. >>catherine: after losing twice in the south mitt romney is intensifying campaign efforts hoping to regain his front runner momentum when illinois holds its presidential primary and tuesday 50th he is clearly already laying the ground war for an inevitable campaigned against the president. >> this president is a lightweight. it is not because he is not smart, it is because he has never worked in a free economy kharif >> this president was also fund-raising and campaigning in illinois. santorum is just back from a pr who holds a primary on sunday fifth beyond ill. he is a focus on louisiana where he hopes to continue winning in the conservatives out. as for new gingrich is asking supporters for donations as small as $2.50 to keep his campaign going. he told enormous audience that he cannot raise as much money as romney but claims he is getting hundreds of new donors every day. >>catherine: as mentioned in the illinois primary is on tuesday. off its bay area ! here's big news from verizon wireless and xfinity from comcast. now get the xfinity
romney. santorum was on the campaign trail in wisconsin. today's victory netted santorum at least 8 convention delegates bringing his total to 271. he is only behind romney with 563. it takes 1144 delegates to win the nomination to take on president barack obama. [ male announcer ] this march, dive into the subway® jalapeno tuna, featured $5 footlong™ of the month. explore a new world of flavor when our taste-rriffic tuna meets spicy jalapenos to leave your taste buds tingling! this march only, it joins our many $5 footlongs™! subway. eat fresh. >>pam: many took to the streets to show their anger over a missing teenager. the shooter says it was self-defense but as shelby lynn says, protesters are not buying that story. >> this was the scene saturday in virginia beach, va. as protesters around the nation displayed in their that neighborhood as of the rest of the killing of trade on margin. this man says he believes in justice is not being served. >> this is a blatant, obvious undermining of our intelligence. the kid was obviously murdered. >> the team was returning from a the ni
: that is an incredible story. the video was amazing. >>mark: mitt romney may very well when the republican nomination for president. the longer the race continues, the more damage it is doing to romney. officials are worried that continued attacks may create loans that will not heal in time. some gop officials' urgings santorum in gingrich to drop out of the race. santorum said that he has no intention on doing so. >> let people decide what they think is best for getting a conservative, someone who will put this country on the right track. that is my objective. >> than a gingrich campaign has canceled plans to visit kansas. >> i believe with your help that we can win and extraordinary victory. >>darya: was to get a look at the weather. right now, it is cold. >> we expect warmer conditions as we head into the afternoon. we do have a freeze warnings in effect. a clear shot over the golden gate. cold conditions around the bay area just above the freezing mark. same for novato. we could see temperatures dropped into the upper 20s. areas of frost are certainly a possibility. future cast does show into
romney easing concerns that he cannot win the most conservative and evangelical voters. the american small and hawaii are also holding caucasus. >>mark: a close friend as the kron4 news continues until 10:00. ♪ [ male announcer ] to hold a patent that has changed the modern world... would define you as an innovator. to hold more than one patent of this caliber... would define you as a true leader. ♪ to hold over 80,000... well that would make you... the creators of the 2012 mercedes-benz e-class... quite possibly the most advanced luxury sedan ever. starting at $50,490. [ woman ] i was ready for my trip, but my smile wasn't. [ female announcer ] new crest 3d white intensive professional effects whitestrips. it goes below the enamel surface to whiten as well as a five-hundred dollar professional treatment for a transformation that's hard to believe. ♪ wow, that's you? [ female announcer ] new intensive professional effects whitestrips. and try 3d white toothpaste and rinse. from crest. life opens up when you do. >>will: the headlights you're looking at our southbound traffic. th
romney. >> took care of every civil pro-life a fight. i was leading the charge. governor romney was contributing money out of his own the checkbook to planned parenthood. i was fighting those fights iran as a strong freud's to his candidate. the president of united states was for an off-camera to the president of russia about what issues? national missile defense. star wars. if reagan's legacy in protecting our country. seventh >>pam: and for the shooting death of treyvon martin. an eyewitness has come for assaying the admitted shooter, george zimmerman, but this did not dare to be hurt affixes and the hall to be a market. zimmerman is brother is speaking out in his defense. >> to people are now speaking out of the treyvon martin shooting. the brother of george zimmerman and an eyewitness who claims to have been watching with a fatal gunshot went off. >> when the cost people on the ground? >> they were not. >> the eyewitness says of fog as the court love voices before the scuffle and that a gunshot. that it was dark. >> the police report says george zimmerman was injured but the
, mitt romney is campaigning in illinois. the state opens their primary tomorrow. right now he does leave in the overall delegate count. he is the republicans' party he's still-of us chancellery with barack obama. >> i think i have the best chance, the only chance of replacing barack obama as president of the united states. i say that in part because i do not think that you can replace an economic light weight with another. my career was spent in the economy. i did not learn about the economy by reading about it or hearing about it in the faculty lounge at harvard were debating it in congress. i learned about the economy by starting a business. >>mark: romney received 50 percent of the vote and pr. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes to give you going on this monday morning. i'm more of an absentee plant parent. [ cellphone rings ] tuscaloosa? schenectady? des moines? okay. okay. okay. i can't always be there to weed my petunias. so now we use miracle gro shake 'n feed plus weed preventer. it feeds plants and prevents weeds for up to three months. so my plants grow bigger
candidate mitt romney is defending his conservative credentials after picking up a key endorsement. former florida gov. jeb bush is endorsing romney in encouraging santorum to drop out. from its commitment to conservatives is being questions after his senior adviser was asked if the candidate was forced to adopt a conservative position and if that would hurt his standing with moderates. his response is almost like and and to sketch, you can shake it up and we start all over again. rummy opponents wasted no time using against him. >> -become viable for all the voting in this primary coverage and who ever for you will vote for will be a completely new candidates for and remove all traces of any kind of marks and be able to draw a new future, maybe a similar more similar to what he ran as governor of massachusetts. >>darya: here is what governor romney had to say. >> the issues i am running on will be exactly the same. i am a conservative republican governor. >>darya: romney is on pace to russia this nomination by june. " but " >>erica: we are still dealing with a little bit of an unstable w
accumulation possible for this weekend. >>mark: decision 2012. mitt romney is also expected to achieve a victory in illinois. he is searching. as this was a statistical tie just one week ago. he was gaining the victory also in pr. after rick santorum had a few missteps. economic issues. >> santorum: my heat campaign does not manage or care about unemployment. >> of my campaign is concerned about the unemployment rate. >> market than he retorted. >> of course i care about the unemployment rate and the one the could to go down the pike candidacy does not hinge on weather or not the unemployed rate goes up or down. it is about freedom. not the idea that governor mitt romney is going to " fix " the economy. we believe that we try to do things to create an atmosphere for the economy to fix itself. >> mark 46 percent would choose mitt romney. 36 percent would choose santorum. >>justine: these live pictures of severe weather in texas. these are from a helicopter. you can see these homes destroyed from the basis. 20-25 homes have been destroyed from the homes structures. the erie is considered
. there are twin primaries in alabama and mississippi. this weekend mitt romney won the wyoming caucus. santorum came in second with 27 percent of the vote. the bigger prize this weekend, the state of kansas went to rick santorum. he picked up 33 of that state's 40 delegates. still >>ysabel: just north of baghdad, a man who was a bodyguard for the local mayor was likely the target of local attack, his wife, sister and two young daughters or all killed. no group has taken immediate responsibility. today the syrian president will be meeting to discuss proposals for stopping the violence in syria that has killed thousands. activists say more violence erupted in the northern province. yesterday at least 35 people died in bloodshed around the country. >>ysabel: we are checking in with henry to see what he has on tap. >>henry: there is a new art exhibition that has opened in marin county. k-dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every
but there is yet no recorded winner. in scenes conference runner mitt romney statistic in an elegantly where the republican base is not as ideologically conservative. there are 54 delegates grass. all shall see what this all leads. >>marty: police in the this is why teenagers or wounded in a shooting st. patrick's day weekend, two of them are now listed in critical condition. shots rang out noon oct. downtown police were in the area of checking on reports of a fight when they heard gunfire. >>henry: slavery existed in the u.s., we do not think a bit as slavery but it is human trafficking. we do not know exactly how many there are costs that there are many women and children being oppressed in this land. this is a way of finding it. we will tell you how the tourism industry is we will tell you how the tourism industry is mobiliziif you want less, you can always have less, but i like having a lot more a lot more than having a lot less. and the more more i have, the more i like having more. and that's exactly what i get at embassy suites. more post-meeting celebrations, more complimentary drink
expectations. >> tuesday marked another missed opportunity for romney to shut down his rivals. >> our goal was to take out one-third of the delegates and do slightly better than that and i think we will exceed that. >> the south seemed unlikely territory for him to succeed, particularly with its rivals attacking him. santorum wins deal a bigger blow to another of his rivals, near the bridge kept his campaign focused on a southern revival hoping to win one if not to states. gingrich says he was encouraged by a cub. >>justine: we have much more ahead coming up. here is a live look for our roof camera and said the cisco as we're watching a major storm in >>justine: a big concern for many as potential flooding. these are pictures from some of the worst streets that flooded in san francisco in the past few years. >> sandbags are packed and ready to go for city residents to protect their homes from the rain. >> both basements are flooded right now. we have 20 sandbags. it is probably not enough of that is all we are allowed to get. >> we had about 20 residents come by. we expect more people to c
candidates, today mitt romney is getting aboost with endorsements from two conservatives in congress. house majority (esygkleader eri canter and senator tomko burn. he also won yesterday's 9gehñwith 38% of the vote. rick santorum on he suggested the gop nomination might have to be settled at this summer's republican convention. that's 4é romney has failed to close the deal with the voters. future on super tuesday. that will resurrect his fading candidacy. >> interview: i keep coming frontrunner in the national fron+runner in the national gasoline and an american energy plan designed to give us f?c3ó$çmiddle east so that no american president will ever again bow back the third time. in alaska. in saturday's washington caucus he came in second after romney. shot. he needs 1044 delegates to win the í(swf1ézparty's nomination. >>> vladimir putin scored a decisive victory, winning a dxsfor another 6 years. his eyes brimming with tears +vÑ proclaimed his supporters hood. already it has been marred by îc accusations of fraud. his opponents are vowing to dispute the results. >>> investigato
districts. cuts could be coming. we will tell you how rick santorum plans to cut back after the mitt romney victories in the gop presidential race in we will find out how new privacy changes for google will affect you online. >>pam: tonight at 6:00 p.m., major cuts limulus collage of the bay area. 500 little notices approved instances to as the distance still to close the lenin debt load of more than 80 million. >>pam: budget deficits and yet has that hail falls as the tough choices and francisco schools face. >>dan: student suggested tausan and next year. they're faced with a projected deficit of one and 83 million over two years. the school board has voted to send out nearly 500 and larry layoff of assault. the notices will go to one of the 23 of 2 of 69 administrators, 106 of 1500 paraprofessionals white teacher's aide in the school's security guards and 210 of 4100 teachers and counselors. >> you will have fewer teachers with the same number of children with will be an increase in class size clean it tally is with the san francisco teachers' union. >> the individual child would not and
. >> mitt romney is ahead of a wreck santorum. -rick santorum. take a look at the numbers. 33 percent. ron paul = 11%. only 8% have gone with newt gingrich. meanwhile, the chairman of the house budget committee announced his support. and even george w. bush also showed support. rick santorum went to wisconsin yesterday. lending a home-hand in a phone bank. maryland, washington and d.c. are all on the list. . newt gingrich is continuing to campaign even though his 1 1/3 campaign staff has been laid off. asking what happened with mitt romney in louisiana? he would only say that they spoke about the president of, for the same thing that he is spoken to rick santorum about. meanwhile, as the budget release is maintaining tax relief for the wealthy obama's is recalling his tax on millionaires. this is a symbol of this democrats portraying himself as the champions. >> in the last decade we've spent hundreds of millions of dollars which was supposed to be a temporary tax cut for the wealthiest 2 percent of americans. no, one trillion dollars more. today, the wealthiest americans are paying the lo
and hawaii will be holding their caucuses tonight. mitt romney has more delegates than his rivals combined. santorum is hoping that romney will not get enough delegates to win the nomination and that the republican party will choose the candidate at the convention to. more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. there are very few cars. in easy ride. does not look like it is reading too much at this time. will be right back. you put all you've got into that deep-dish masterpiece. but when it doesn't stay in the dish there's easy-off oven cleaner. because easy-off cuts through five times more grease than the leading all-purpose cleaner. so you're ready whenever inspiration strikes. cook with passion. clean with easy-off. >>james: here is a quick forecast for the tahoe area. we are expecting a good bit of snow over the next 48 hours. their winter storm warning is in effect for about 5,000 ft.. tomorrow, 4-8 in his. the winter storm warning will not expire until 5:00 p.m. on wednesday cuneiform tough it looks like we will stick with that forecast well in
. santorum has this over gingrich and romney. in alabama, santorum locks up that state as well. not quite as close there. another big night for santorum. the former pennsylvania senator has proven his credentials have real southern appeal. >> we did it again. [cheering and applause] >> this campaign is about ordinary folks doing extraordinary things. sort of like america. sort of like america going out there and exceeding expectations, going out there defying the odds because we believe in something bigger than ourselves. >> romney did not speak tonight. gingrich vowed moments ago to stay in the race. you saw he did have a strong showing. it's unclear how long gingrich's campaign can survive without wins in the deep south. he won south carolina and georgia. we might be looking at a two man race now. romney has a delegate lead over the field. a surprising santorum is surging. next primary, missouri saturday. >>> a big day on wall street. stocks soared as investors reacted to positive economic news. tonight, dan has the numbers and shows us what's behind the surge. >> on wall street, a big
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